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tea 027 Originally uploaded by Chorus of Chaos. This is Xiao… 
26th-Apr-2007 01:30 pm

tea 027
Originally uploaded by Chorus of Chaos.

This is Xiao TuoCHa Pu'Erh Tea from the Seattle tea cup (many thanks again toslave2tehtink for introducing me to these people!) it was a sample I recieved with a purchase.

I brewed this with the tea bowl unbroken (i've heard to brew both ways, with it solid and with it crumbled, I will try crumbling later but I don't think it will make a difference as the tea broke up on it's own quite nicely.) this was brewed at 5 minutes with boiling spring water in a 10 ounce tetsubin.

The compressed tea had no smell whatsoever while dry, once brewed it broke up and developed a bold earthy smell with oddly, a slight musk scent such as you would find in perfume.

Tea after brewing

Tea in a small yixing cup I picked up somewhere for nothing

The tea brews to a rich deep red liquor that is medium bodied with no astringency. Flavor is well rounded, similiar to perhaps a blend of a good Keemun and an Assam, but with a strong earthy note and a slightly woodsy taste. Would most likely take milk or lemon quite well, on a whim I added a few drops of honey to the last cup (I drank from the larger tetsubins, not the small yixing pictured above, I only used that so the color of the tea could come through, in the dark tetsubins it can't be seen well.) and it enhanced the flavor of the tea quite nicely! Be warned though, even with a very fine mesh strainer the last cup will have a small amount of dust leavings in it.

All in all this tastes very similiar to the loose leaf pu'erh I tried earlier. I'm not sure which is more costly and if the bowl style costs much more I'll probably go with the loose leaf, but I do like the whimsy of brewing a tiny pressed bowl of tea :)

I will definitely be ordering one or the other to add to my tea cupboard as a regular drinking tea.

On a side note...Talesien for some reason found tea making fascinating...this was the first time I had brewed myself a cup of tea since he'd passed, and I very much missed his presence...So I sort of drank this pot in memorial to my much missed and short lived beloved Tal.

Tal investigating my Gaiwan cup when I first unpacked it.

26th-Apr-2007 06:01 pm (UTC)
Thanks for that! A good read. I should probably try some more pu-erh one of these days...
27th-Apr-2007 01:45 am (UTC)
you're welcome. As I posted when I first tried the tea, I had some reservations because people often say it is an "aquired" taste. I heard the same thing of lapsong souchang and although I have tried many varieties of lapsong, along with blends like russian caravan and a earl grey that is blended with lapsang, I can never get past that feeling of "dear god I just cleaned the fireplace with my TONGUE."

So I had considerable reservations about trying Pu-erh, but am now quite glad I did, it is a wonderful lovely type of tea....at least that which I've gotten from seattle tea cup has been. I will probably order a sample someday from somewhere else just to see if it's universal, but by and by far the quality gotten from seattle tea has been excellent.
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