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Tea Reviews and Information
keemun concerton from adago Originally uploaded by Chorus of… 
5th-May-2007 04:36 pm

keemun concerton from adago
Originally uploaded by Chorus of Chaos.

This tea is Keemun Concerto from Adiago Tea.

Brewed with spring water (I always use spring water, FYI, local water is revolting) brewed five minutes in a 10 ounce tetsubin at boiling temperature.


Dry, they are thin, wiry and black. Actually to me they look like a cluster of spider legs. The aroma is very mild with a slight red wine oder.
Wet, the leaves expand slightly to thin dark green and brown leaves, they seem to have many stem type pieces and have an aroma that I'm having trouble putting a name too, though it's not an unpleasant one.

Tea brews to a very deep red brown cup, very full bodied with no astringency. The flavor is milder than I expected with the color of the tea, but still tastes nice. This is a sample that I've had a while thats been kept in optimal conditions (in it's air tight tin, sealed in a ziploc bag and kept somewhere cool and dark) but I'm wondering if time has weakened it. It seems to be lacking that richness I expect from keemun, it is slightly earthy tasting, but lacks the boldness I usually expect of Keemun. My allergies are acting up lately so that could also be part of the problem, I was hoping the tea would help clear up some of my sinus congestion. (Spring is finally starting to spring around here, and the trees mating ritual seems to be taking place in my sinuses...ugh)

I will likely re-order a fresh sample of this and give it a try as Adagio has always had pretty decent teas, though not quite on the level of Seattle Tea cup or Upton Tea Co. (personal opinion only)

I'd say disregard this review in you are considering ordering samples of this yourself, but thought I would go ahead and post it and inquire if anyone else has purchased or sampled this tea and what thier opinion was of it in comparision to other keemuns they had tried? So far all my other Adagio samples have been fine, it strikes me odd that this one would be affected by the delay in my trying it.

Off to enjoy my pumpkin muffin with the rest of the tea :)

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